20 minutes free
telephone consultation

from £60

Standard fees from
£60 per hour

20 minutes free telephone consultation. Standard fees from £60 per hour with an agreed program of tailored sessions from 3 or 4 weeks to longer if required. Payment by bank transfer, credit card, cheque in advance of each session. Interviews where appropriate may be conducted

  • through Skype/Teams/ Zoom/Face Time
  • Face to face in the consulting rooms

Terms and Conditions

General: There is no such thing as a therapy that works as standard for everyone first time. Everyone is different. You will be given a comprehensive letter on acceptance of instructions detailing the contract and proposed treatment plan which may need to be varied from time to time.

Payment is required in advance of each session. Fees paid are non-refundable. A minimum 48 hours’ cancellation notice is required for any session except in unforeseen circumstances. The full fee will be payable for missed appointments and late cancellations.

Your ecology is of paramount importance and you will be required to complete a fact sheet as to your medical condition and medication to assess suitability for some treatment types. A GP or consultant letter may be required in some cases to confirm your GP or Consultant is aware of the proposed treatment and confirm it is suitable for you, particularly as regards to personality disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders and some other conditions which may need to be monitored by them.

As a guide to the number of sessions required, it can be on average between 2-12 weeks with an attendance each week. Though it is not uncommon for sessions to be weekly at the beginning of a programme and then once per fortnight, or even longer apart as required.