Self Confidence

“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”― Carlos Castaneda

Having self-confidence means you can recognise your strengths, trust yourself in difficult situations and react positively to criticism and emotional/relationship difficulties. Life is not always that easy and sometimes self-confidence is hard to find. Everyone has their own story to tell, and each individual embodies the changes that have happened to them from their understanding and learning of the world in which they live. It is a mix of aspects of their relationships, education, social and cultural environment, and economic circumstances which engender behavioural change, ultimately ‘making’ the person the person that is you. People can change their attitude in accord with their behaviour of course. Neuro-linguistic programming is an example of instituting behavioural change by addressing logical levels of learning, communication and relationships and is geared to future influence by identifying a client’s problem state, and their solution state. The ego-boosting and single focus suggestions that are used in hypnosis suggestions can be used to strengthen resolve, to model success, change behaviour, and recalibrate causes of emotional distress.

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