Privacy policy

  1. Client confidentiality is important, and your confidences will be treated with the utmost respect and integrity. It is a professional requirement, and a practical necessity for us to ensure at all times that your information is protected as it forms the basis on which any treatment, and each consultation, is structured. Details of how the GDPR requirements and professional standards are met for clients are available to clients in the individuals therapy contract.
  2. It is important to point out that the law regulates situations how confidential electronic information is to be kept safe, when client/hypnotherapist confidentiality may be breached, as does the ethical, moral and professional standards of practice.
  3. Personal information collected from users using this site: None
  4. There’s Google analytics tracking for customer visits.
  5. Emails to and from site users are by the private email address for the company. We do not send soliciting mail.
  6. All information that is communicated to the company using the ‘contact form’ on the web site is held in the strictest confidence.
  7. Cookies are used on the site are used as stated for better use performance only.