Terms and conditions

Hypnotherapy/Counselling Consultations: Terms and conditions

Please note this document is to be read in conjunction with the statement of information (fact Sheet) and Initial Consultation Information form (disclosure) which collectively record the details for the consultations. It is important that you advise me as soon as reasonably practicable of any change in your medical circumstances/health as it may affect ongoing treatment.


Client confidentiality is important, and your confidences will be treated with the utmost respect and integrity. It is a professional requirement, and a practical necessity for me to ensure at all times that your information is protected as it forms the basis on which any treatment, and each consultation, is structured.

It is important to point out that the law regulates situations how confidential electronic information is to be kept safe, when client/hypnotherapist confidentiality may be breached, as does the ethical, moral and professional standards of practice. Consequently, although our sessions are confidential, the right is reserved to breach confidentiality in specific circumstances. Usually these are limited to situations where:

  1. There may be a risk to life, limb, liberty, or to property.
  2. A Court of competent jurisdiction orders disclosure of information.
  3. It is ethically appropriate.
  4. Where it is required by you, or with your consent to do so.

I am a licensed hypnotherapist registered with The National Hypnotherapy Society of which I am a member, insured to practice hypnotherapy and counselling and there is a strict code of conduct and set of professional standards to which I subscribe as a member.

As part of my ongoing professional development, I undertake continual professional development training. This ensures I keep up to date with current advice and guidelines on working ethically and safely with clients utilising the most up to date knowledge and experience of best practice. In accordance with best practice, I have appointed a fellow qualified advisor who is entitled to supervise from time to time my work to ensure clinical and ethical compliance and whose name and contact details can be provided if required.

I reserve the right to discuss aspects of your case with them from time to time, as a matter of good practice, and for purposes of professional peer review.

I adhere to The National Hypnotherapy Society guide for ethics and practice, and those of the British Psychological Society as appropriate. Should you be dissatisfied with my work at any time and the matter cannot be resolved between us, you have the right to register a formal complaint with the National Hypnotherapy Society.


I will keep factual notes of the sessions which will be kept in your file and hard copy notes will be stored in a locked steel filing cabinet. Under the Data Protection Act (1998) I am required to store your electronic notes and records notes for 7 years after the cessation of our consultations (assuming you are above 18 years of age at the date of this contract) after which time they will be destroyed by shredding or incinerating. I am only allowed to keep electronic records that are appropriate for the intended use and purpose for which the records were created, for the time that it is necessary to keep them, to continually review the need to keep those records, and to destroy them as soon as it is appropriate to do so.


You have the right to access the information I hold about you. If you choose to read notes of the sessions or any other information or correspondence, you can either:

–  ask me informally to view your records

–  make a formal request under the Data Protection Act

Before seeing your notes, certain information may be redacted such as any references to third parties as their consent would also be required to disclosure, and where information has been disclosed to me confidentially to help with your consultations.


We have agreed that you will pay me a fee of £xxxx per hour per session. Payment in cash, bank transfer or credit/debit card in advance of each session is required please. As a guide fees are £60 per session subject to variation by prior agreement and dependent on the complexity of treatment, or therapy; and in the case of lectures, consultations and training fees are dependent on the number of attendees and location by agreement.


At least 48 hours’ notice is required of any cancellations, and I reserve the right to charge the standard session fee for any missed sessions not cancelled within this time limit.


(i) Face to face at address: the agreed specified consulting room

(unless otherwise agreed)  

(ii) Skype/Zoom/Face Time/Teams where you have indicated that you consent to some or all consultations being by internet link

Please read the consulting contract carefully and ask for clarification if you have any queries. If you are satisfied that everything is correct, and agreed, please sign below.