Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis Counselling

'Allow yourself to see what you don't allow yourself to see'
Milton Erickson

Hypnotherapy / hypnosis counselling explained: It is often thought, and asked, is clinical hypnosis the same as stage hypnosis. In some ways it is, but there are substantial differences in application. If you want to quack like a duck, see a stage hypnotist. It is rare, if not potentially unethical and unprofessional that that strategy would ever have a place in the serious clinical application of hypnotherapy. The key elements of clinical hypnosis are the care and therapeutic application of the practice for the health of the ‘patient’ not for laughs but for serious complimentary non-drug related intervention. A technical description would be: ‘Hypnosis can be used as a non-pharmacological cognitive therapy, where the person being hypnotised experiences through a changed focus of concentration, diminished peripheral awareness, and internal changes in perceptions, behaviours and thought process.’ The clients’ consent is always required, and the client always remains in control. It is not the hypnotist that hypnotises, they only lead the client into their own hypnotic state to effect beneficial change to feelings and perceptions (e.g. pain), thoughts (e.g. distress, anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem), emotions (e.g. grief, anger, loss), and behaviour. Hypnotherapy in its clinical application is regularly used in certain hospital practices across the world specifically for pain management and associated depression, anxiety and grief when an holistic care package covers psychotherapy for a chronic illness, such as cancer, arthritis, and other substantive pain disorders. Hypnosis is also utilised in therapy for anxiety reduction (as distinct from pain reduction) when linked to pain tolerance, and as an analgesic and/or as an anaesthesia for managing physical, emotional, mental pain and anguish.

Service for National clients: The Spencelayh Practice provides hypnotherapy in Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby, Northampton and throughout United Kingdom.

Service for National & International clients: I offer a Teams or Zoom session when they are unable to travel to the office, and pre-recorded sessions.

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