Spencelayh Hypnotherapy and Counselling

I’ve been seeing Bryn for several weeks now for my anxiety amongst other issues and I can honestly say through our sessions I am in a better place than when I first walked through the door. He is very friendly, and caring, patient man who puts you at ease from the start. I would highly recommend using his services to anyone who needs them.


After many years of suffering from anxiety and depression caused by various issues in my life, my wife gave me a ultimatum of seeking help or losing her and my home so I contacted Bryn who quietly and without any drama got me to face my demons and take one day at a time from the continuous perceived fear of never getting better, it has not been easy and there have been hiccups along the way but without Bryn’s help I would not be on the road to recovery and am thankful that I took that first step in contacting him as he has been there for me though times which I must admit I did not make easy for him.

Adrian H

Having been suggested by my palliative care nurse and approved by my consultant as a means of managing the pain caused by secondary breast cancer in my bones I was a bit hesitant at first but after a few sessions I am so glad I contacted Bryn, he was very professional and compassionate and I felt instantly at ease with him and am now able to use the techniques and support mechanisms we discussed in the sessions to help cope with the pain.


I contacted Bryn as I wanted to cut down on the amount of alcohol I was consuming due to the pressures brought on by Covid, isolation etc. After four sessions I noticed that my go to comfort escape did not hold the appeal it once did and I could go several days without even thinking about a drink. I can now say ‘no’ and feel more in control.


A friend recommended contacting Bryn for a few sessions of hypnotherapy to help me lose weight, I have been a yo yo dieter for several years with limited success, but I have lost two stone and although I still enjoy snacks and some unhealthy foods I can balance and moderate what I eat. This has helped my confidence enormously and I can now wear clothes that I could no longer fit into.


Nothing helped with my panic attacks and life was becoming unbearable at times, so I thought I had nothing to lose by trying psychotherapy counselling which I am glad I did as it was not as daunting as I dreaded, and I now understand the reason for them and have been able to move forward.