Pain Management

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." - Kathleen Casey.
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The Spencelayh Practice provides pain management as a complimentary therapy, using pluralistic counselling and hypnosis, throughout Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby and the surrounding areas of Northamptonshire.

As therapy progresses, tailored relaxation podcasts or recordings on flash drives/memory sticks may be available for use between sessions.

A common reason for use of complementary therapies is chronic pain. Pain is personal, it is subjective, and the word ‘pain’ is defined by and applied to experiences learned in early life related to physical injury or psychological process. It is not enough to treat the sensation of pain in isolation. Pain can be brought on by a psychological state, like emotional distress, anxiety, depression, illness and physical injury. Hypnosis can be used to effect powerful shifts in mood, emotion, perception of pain and stress through reduction of anxiety and enabling a person through the facilitation of therapeutic suggestions to refocus attention from, or the awareness of, pain.

By treating the psychological issues therapy can provide measured relief, aid coping mechanisms and enhance measures where people can bolster their resilience. The British Psychological Society report (2001) on the use of Hypnosis acknowledges that hypnotic procedures are effective in the management and relief of both acute and chronic pain and distress, and may significantly reduce anxiety, tension and stress. For example, a controlled trial of hypnosis therapy concentrated on the use of hypnotherapy as a supportive treatment for stage III or IV bone cancer patients and reported a successful overall decrease in pain during and post a four-week period.

The American Psychiatric Association Journal in 2004 reported hypnosis is likely to be effective for most people suffering from diverse forms of pain, except for a minority of patients who are resistant to hypnotic interventions and evidence suggests it may be considered a standard treatment. It concluded that hypnotic strategies are equivalent or more effective that other treatments for both acute and chronic pain, and they are likely to save both money and time for patients and clinicians.

We provide Pain Management in and around Northamptonshire area including: Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby, Northampton, and surrounding areas.

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